Sunday, 25 October 2009

Make over!

This evening my sister and I were trying to do everything other than work! So we had make up to hand so decided to give each other make overs!

I decided to go for a "smokey-eye" "night out" look for my sister, here are a few photos:

It's quite a heavy, dark look. It is definitely a going out looking rather than a day time look due to the colours. Alternatively several different colours could be used to match eye colour, a dress, accessory etc.

I really enjoy doing make up, i guess it's just another form of art!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Great Facial Cream!

I will soon be reviewing a new facial cream that i have found : Creme Fraiche by Nuxe

Stay tuned!

Life Drawing!

Over the last few days i have been doing life drawing as part of the art course that i am doing.
It has been a real eye opener for sure! It has been the first time that i have done anything like this before, and i really enjoyed it! The human body form is really amazing and there is so much to be learnt from studying it.I have been able to relate life drawing to fashion designing. I've found that it has helped me to understand the shapes and forms and styles of clothing that designers have to make for different shapes and sizes of bodies, that there is more to designing clothes. Not only does a designer have to create a beautiful garment but it has to fit like a glove on a body, therefore there is a great need to look at the structure of bodies - something like human architecture!

Today is my day off so i thought it was a good chance to update my blog and reflect on the last few days! After getting over the initial shock of drawing,painting etc... a naked lady, I found myself looking at an amazing form made up of all kinds of shapes,curves, lines that I had never seen before ( I can't say i study my body in such a way)

Monday, 19 October 2009

Long time no post!

It's definitely been a while sine I last posted!

Things have been so busy the last few months....

Going to Ibiza, trip away with my boyfriend,starting art school,my sisters 21st etc... I've met so many great and interesting people over the last few weeks/months.


Summer has been and gone, and i'm actually pretty happy that it's autumn/winter! I love the colours and sights that autumn brings. Especially studying at the biggest campus in Europe there is so much to see in the way of beautiful trees.

I get pretty excited when i look out of my window and see that its getting a bit chilly and windy outside so that i can pull my knits and boots out my wardrobe! I definitely have a much larger autumn/winter wardrobe than summer. I really enjoy layers and the different textures with knitted fabrics.

United Colours of Benetton

All Saints Gilet

I am definitely a fan of gray,brown,purple and black, but always with a touch of colour - accesorising with scarves, broaches, a coloured layer - something on those lines!

This last weekend i went to Oakham and Uppingham in the smallest county in England : Rutland. Both places are so quaint and despite the chilly weather a real delight to visit with endless cute boutique shops, tearooms, restaurants and country pubs! And with Rutland water near by there is plenty of walking,cycling & sailing near by or if you just fancy looking at the water from the comfort of a luxurious restaurant/hotel then Hambleton Hall is perfect! (if it's recently been pay day!)

I recently got a car so we're trying to visit all the nice places near by to where I live, so we can tick off Oakham and Uppingham!

We had a really great lunch at really sweet cafe near the Castle in Oakham :

Castle Cottage Cafe

Highstreet in Uppingham