Saturday, 4 July 2009

Cambridge ♥

Got back from a few days in Cambridge yesterday evening! I had a really great time spending a few days with my boyfriend :D However the weather was soooo hot...too hot really (well for England!!) It's definitely been a heatwave for sure....

Despite all the hot and sweaty weather we had a wonderful time exploring the beautiful city of Cambridge - as you can see in the following photos!

The iconic and world famous Kings College Cambridge

Punting down the Cam!

One of the splendid parks!
There is such a relaxed feeling in park's like these:BBQ's, people playing badminton,picnics,people playing music,sunbathing - all in such a cosmopolitan environment! Students from literally all over the world,coming together to socialise.

I really loved this street, the houses were so cute! Especially this one pictured here. The front gardens were so perfect but a cottage garden -perfect. I don't remember what the name of the street was, the area where these houses were, was a bit like a maze really! I would definitely have got lost if i hadn't had my personal tour guide lol

So this shall be one of my many residents in the future? ;)

Cafes,shops,art galleries
Cambridge is a haven for boutique,designer,high street stores

Places of Interest
  • King's College Cambridge & all other Cambridge Colleges : Visit the college and it's beauitful grounds (Clare College is just next door - it has stunning gardens) King's College Chapel holds services during the week but the Sunday Eucharist is what i would personally recommened seeing - the choir is amazing!
  • La Mimosa : River-side family run Italian restaurant. Great pizza and AMAZING pudding!!
  • Grand Arcade : Perfect for all your shopping needs under one roof if you prefer a mix of shopping centres and high street shopping
  • Aunties Tea Shop : Just around the corner from Kings College Cambridge. Seriously the best afternoon tea of scones& tea + everything else quaint essentially English!