Monday, 29 June 2009

Blazing Weather and Vivid Colour!


I can't believe this weather wow-wee! One minute it's pouring rain and the next its blazing sunshine, but i guess that's just typical British weather right? However! I am LOVING the fact that it finally feels like summer :D I am now able to wear summery clothes without feeling under-dressed :p Hopefully everyone is slapping on pleanty of sun creme to protect their skin with the Met Office issuing a heatwave alert amid warnings of extreme temperatures over the next few days!

Top tip - drink plenty of water and stay out of direct sunlight during mid-day! (I've learnt from past sizzling experiences.. :S)

With all this great weather it is a great excuse to rush out to the shops to get the latest summer must haves...of course! Here are a few that I've had my eye on recently :It's all about colour!

Neon nail polish

Essie nail polish

Statement sunglasses

Protect your eyes from the sun with a great pair of statement sunglasses
Manish Arora specs will be a key piece to any capsule closet. They may put a hole in your pocket but being hand crafted they should last a while! Coming in 22 different colours you'll be spoilt for choice!

Leopard print dresses- go wild with colour!

Robertor Cavalli colourful leopard print dress : cool and floaty

Rose-esque Pearls

Jeremy Hoye pearls are a perfect accessories to go with any summer dress/outfit

Flat gladiator sandals (dig them out your cupboard from last summer)

I love Alexander McQueens flat gladiator sandals

Beach/Summer Bag

To stick your towel, sun cream, mag,ipod in I would chose this vibrant Lanvin bag

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Madonna for Louis Vuitton

How airbrushed does Madonna look??

I was just doing some fashion catch up and came across this...

I think Madonna looks genuinely great for her age, there aren't many women her age that have the great figure that she does .However I think that there is growing old gracefully or being airbrushed to the max that the person is almost unrecogniseable to their 'natural' self!

I realise its something that ALL celebs seem to do with their ad campaigns etc but what type of message is it sending out? Where's natural beauty going?

LV Winter Collection 09

I realise it's the general style that LV does for example with Scarlett Johansson but they don't look real,both Scarlett and Madonna could be mannequins advertising the bags (which are absolutely divine!!) to be honest...

Also in magazines for example i find it quite amusing when a celebs photo has OBVIOUSLY been airbrushed/photo shoped, but the celeb denies it,saying its their natural self...when it's blatantly not...make-up is truly a god send but it isn't that magical

Autumn/Winter 2007
Louis Vuitton Monogram Motard Alligator Biker

An example of celeb photo shop denial

Stretching the truth...just a tad
Anyone remember her reality show : real women? bit of a hypocrite..

Summer Ball

Summer Ball

Last night was the summer ball! It was a really great night :D I can't imagine a beter night really : with my friends & parents. It just brought it home that it's really an end of an era, although its not set in quite yet...most likely i'll be feeling blue when i don't go back in september. Quite a few girls were crying at the end with the final song, but i'm definitely going to stay in touch with all my friends : with email,msn,texts etc there is no reason not to!

Everyone looked really stunning...alot of money will have been spent on outfits i'm sure :p So many Michael Jackson songs were being played!I guess it was to be expected, all radio stations are non stop playing his songs too but they are great songs so thats all good :)

String Divas - part of the evening entertainment, they were really
good, a mixture of music and dance!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Alice in Wonderland

Mad Hatters Tea Party Re-visited!

I was loooking through my photos and came across these :

I hosted a 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' - Alice in Wonderland, as part of an
art project! It was a great colaboration of antique chinaware, vintage clothing,
traditional cakes,biscuits and of course tea!

I was greatly inspired by John Galliano's/Vogue's Alice in Wonderland collection as shown below.In the pages of Vogue the land of merry unbirthdays and late-running rabbits shimmers to life again-as the world’s most influential designers dress the original little-girl-lost in their own visions (photography by Annie Leibovitz). I love the mixture of the beautiful haute couture with the classic illustrations by John Tenniel.

I think it's great when designers such as Galliano are able to bring classic stories such as Alice in Wonderland back to life through fashion, it's a whole new dimention for inspiration and creativity, i feel it can enable the designers to get lost in the magical fairytale worlds!

Vogue 2003

My Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Outfit- for the modern day Alice :D...
Retro fit and flare dress

Anna Lou Head Band

White Ray Bans

Blue Miu Miu Bag

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Death of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson : Music Icon

I'm utterly flabbergasted- I can't believe it's true what I'm hearing and seeing!

I'm sitting watching Sky News at home, watching the breaking news flash up, it is being said that Jackson collapsed at his house in LA, paramedics were called he had been rehearsing for his concert in London . He was found in his house, unresponsive (no heart beat) seeming to have suffered from a cardiac arrest, since then information has been pouring out on whats been going on! He has said to have died at the UCLA Hospital in LA, USA.

It is such a tragic loss to the music industry, his music has brought joy and happiness to millions all over the world. I just can't believe he's gone! His music will never die. I hope he's at peace with himself and with the world now....

Millions of fans will be left devastated

Summer Ball

I've currently been getting my outfit ready for my summer ball this saturday! I finally managed to find a dress which you can see below- it's floor length! It's the season for proms,balls,formals etc so i'm sure there are alot of us getting prepared!

Summer ball dress : JS Boutique, you can find this dress on :

Which shoes do you think?
Silver: Ann Marino, Gold: Vintage from COW, Cowboy Boots: Nashville USA!
I found the Ann Marino's at TK MAX, they were a great bargain

My favourite fragrance at the moment :
very luxurious, which i think will match the occasion

Lancome: Blush Subtil, Color Design with 4 eye shadows, Blush& Finishing powder
Dior : 5 eye shadows
Chanel : Powder brush

I think i'll try and find a clutch bag that can fit them all in :p

First Ever Blog!

I've been meaning to set up a blog for such a long time - but now all my exams are over, I don't have any more excuses to not set one up :D

I'm interested in art fashion,food,photography,parties,films,books,travelling and lots more!

This blog will be an update on any of my ideas :from general thoughts, new recipes to great books to read, places to visit or shops to visit!

So stay tuned for futher updates ^