Friday, 26 June 2009

Alice in Wonderland

Mad Hatters Tea Party Re-visited!

I was loooking through my photos and came across these :

I hosted a 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' - Alice in Wonderland, as part of an
art project! It was a great colaboration of antique chinaware, vintage clothing,
traditional cakes,biscuits and of course tea!

I was greatly inspired by John Galliano's/Vogue's Alice in Wonderland collection as shown below.In the pages of Vogue the land of merry unbirthdays and late-running rabbits shimmers to life again-as the world’s most influential designers dress the original little-girl-lost in their own visions (photography by Annie Leibovitz). I love the mixture of the beautiful haute couture with the classic illustrations by John Tenniel.

I think it's great when designers such as Galliano are able to bring classic stories such as Alice in Wonderland back to life through fashion, it's a whole new dimention for inspiration and creativity, i feel it can enable the designers to get lost in the magical fairytale worlds!

Vogue 2003

My Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Outfit- for the modern day Alice :D...
Retro fit and flare dress

Anna Lou Head Band

White Ray Bans

Blue Miu Miu Bag


  1. Dear Jessica,
    I thought your Mad Hatters Tea Party was gorgeous, but now that I have read you made it all for an art project I am stunned proud, hehehee :)
    I wish I had an ounce of your creativity, bebe, but of course, I think that is one of your personal greatest talents.
    In your design for the teat party I could see the influence you described in this blog, and I can now realise the effort you put into it all. Well done, my GG babe!!!! :D


  2. Awww thank you :D I'm glad you've had a look at my blog - first to comment too :D:D I hope you're not melting in the weather, it should be nice and warm for you when you arrive here! xxx