Monday, 29 June 2009

Blazing Weather and Vivid Colour!


I can't believe this weather wow-wee! One minute it's pouring rain and the next its blazing sunshine, but i guess that's just typical British weather right? However! I am LOVING the fact that it finally feels like summer :D I am now able to wear summery clothes without feeling under-dressed :p Hopefully everyone is slapping on pleanty of sun creme to protect their skin with the Met Office issuing a heatwave alert amid warnings of extreme temperatures over the next few days!

Top tip - drink plenty of water and stay out of direct sunlight during mid-day! (I've learnt from past sizzling experiences.. :S)

With all this great weather it is a great excuse to rush out to the shops to get the latest summer must haves...of course! Here are a few that I've had my eye on recently :It's all about colour!

Neon nail polish

Essie nail polish

Statement sunglasses

Protect your eyes from the sun with a great pair of statement sunglasses
Manish Arora specs will be a key piece to any capsule closet. They may put a hole in your pocket but being hand crafted they should last a while! Coming in 22 different colours you'll be spoilt for choice!

Leopard print dresses- go wild with colour!

Robertor Cavalli colourful leopard print dress : cool and floaty

Rose-esque Pearls

Jeremy Hoye pearls are a perfect accessories to go with any summer dress/outfit

Flat gladiator sandals (dig them out your cupboard from last summer)

I love Alexander McQueens flat gladiator sandals

Beach/Summer Bag

To stick your towel, sun cream, mag,ipod in I would chose this vibrant Lanvin bag

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  1. Jess Rice! Loving the blog! Those sunglasses are devine, if only I had the money for a pair. Lucy xx