Sunday, 28 June 2009

Summer Ball

Summer Ball

Last night was the summer ball! It was a really great night :D I can't imagine a beter night really : with my friends & parents. It just brought it home that it's really an end of an era, although its not set in quite yet...most likely i'll be feeling blue when i don't go back in september. Quite a few girls were crying at the end with the final song, but i'm definitely going to stay in touch with all my friends : with email,msn,texts etc there is no reason not to!

Everyone looked really stunning...alot of money will have been spent on outfits i'm sure :p So many Michael Jackson songs were being played!I guess it was to be expected, all radio stations are non stop playing his songs too but they are great songs so thats all good :)

String Divas - part of the evening entertainment, they were really
good, a mixture of music and dance!

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