Sunday, 28 June 2009

Madonna for Louis Vuitton

How airbrushed does Madonna look??

I was just doing some fashion catch up and came across this...

I think Madonna looks genuinely great for her age, there aren't many women her age that have the great figure that she does .However I think that there is growing old gracefully or being airbrushed to the max that the person is almost unrecogniseable to their 'natural' self!

I realise its something that ALL celebs seem to do with their ad campaigns etc but what type of message is it sending out? Where's natural beauty going?

LV Winter Collection 09

I realise it's the general style that LV does for example with Scarlett Johansson but they don't look real,both Scarlett and Madonna could be mannequins advertising the bags (which are absolutely divine!!) to be honest...

Also in magazines for example i find it quite amusing when a celebs photo has OBVIOUSLY been airbrushed/photo shoped, but the celeb denies it,saying its their natural self...when it's blatantly not...make-up is truly a god send but it isn't that magical

Autumn/Winter 2007
Louis Vuitton Monogram Motard Alligator Biker

An example of celeb photo shop denial

Stretching the truth...just a tad
Anyone remember her reality show : real women? bit of a hypocrite..

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