Thursday, 25 June 2009

Death of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson : Music Icon

I'm utterly flabbergasted- I can't believe it's true what I'm hearing and seeing!

I'm sitting watching Sky News at home, watching the breaking news flash up, it is being said that Jackson collapsed at his house in LA, paramedics were called he had been rehearsing for his concert in London . He was found in his house, unresponsive (no heart beat) seeming to have suffered from a cardiac arrest, since then information has been pouring out on whats been going on! He has said to have died at the UCLA Hospital in LA, USA.

It is such a tragic loss to the music industry, his music has brought joy and happiness to millions all over the world. I just can't believe he's gone! His music will never die. I hope he's at peace with himself and with the world now....

Millions of fans will be left devastated

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  1. I agree with you in wishing he is now at peace. He had a gift, but he paid a high price for it.
    Now, baby just one tiny comment about something sppoky you say in this blog, hehee. In your second paragraph you finish with: "He has said to have died..." I really, really hope he did not say what he died of, hehehee, I hope he has been said to have died of whatever instead, ;)

    Love you to bits!!!