Tuesday, 2 February 2010

New year new blog...even though its a month late!

I know it's been such a long time since I've last posted a blog, but i've been really busy with uni since starting back after Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, I went up to spend a week with my family aunties and uncles,cousins,grandparents etc... (about 13 of us in total) Other than getting a stomach bug on Boxing day it was good overall!

I was really lucky - recieving a gym membership from my mum and dad and a beautiful Pandora bracelet from my boyfriend :D

After Christmas I went up to Edinburgh& the Highlands to celebrate New Year! It was really great, the third time i've been for New Year (Hogmanay as the Scots call it) in Edinburgh. They have a huge street party with live bands, singers and dancing! (And of course amazing fire works) It was seriously cold getting down to about -8 whilst we were standing out waiting for the midnight count down - it took ages to get warm!! But it was worth it! IF you have the chance to go up, then i'd definitely recommend it.

New years day we went up into the Scottish Highlands. I have not seen so much snow for a seriously LONG time! It was really picturesque - everywhere looked as if it could be seen on a postcard or calendar.

Here are some photos :

I really do love Scotland, it's like being somewhere in Canada,French Alps etc or even some people have compared it to places in Japan!

After coming back from Scotland it was soon time to go back to uni. I really didn't feel like going back, especially since i'd not done any work...But i had been really busy before we finished for Christmas so i didn't feel too bad :p

So...Is there anything of interest that I can think of since being back at uni?

Well it snowed , and it's been really cold the last month and now February is off to a cold start

I've got interviews/porfolio viewings for all my university choices! My first being next week at Wimbledon! Fingers crossed they all go well!

Been to Cambridge a couple of times - went to the Fitzwilliam Museum (supposidly the most comprehensive museum in Europe for it's size) this last weekend, saw a good sculpture exhibition - lots of organically inspired sculptural forms, alot being made out of iron! Saw the french film Prophet - it was good but sooooo long! (just like this entry now is!)

So I think it's time to finish the entry for now, i'll definitely try to write more frequently!

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  1. Wow sounds like you've been really busy! ^^ Always good to hear about what you've been up to xx