Friday, 20 November 2009

University Choices

Confused. By Mushy Pea

Which university to chose?!

I'm in quite a dilemma really, i'm just in the process of getting my personal statement and ucas sorted. However i'm not too sure on which degree course to chose or even which type of art to chose from: fine art or fashion/textiles....urgh

My dream is to go into fashion journalism, but all the great fashion degree courses are so unbelievably competitive, that its sooo hard to get onto any of them! So...getting onto a fine art course may be easier, then I could possibly consider doing an MA in Fashion or Fashion/journalism.

I enjoy fine art and fash/textiles equally, that its driving me mad! However after speaking to tutors it seems it'll be easier to incorporate textiles into fine art rather than vice versa. So that could mean the best of both :)

Any ideas or advice that anyone has would be greatly recieved!!

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