Sunday, 25 October 2009

Make over!

This evening my sister and I were trying to do everything other than work! So we had make up to hand so decided to give each other make overs!

I decided to go for a "smokey-eye" "night out" look for my sister, here are a few photos:

It's quite a heavy, dark look. It is definitely a going out looking rather than a day time look due to the colours. Alternatively several different colours could be used to match eye colour, a dress, accessory etc.

I really enjoy doing make up, i guess it's just another form of art!


  1. Wow Jess I love that makeup look, what brand eyeshadows did you use? And did you use a base? Because the colours look really bold. Lucy xx

  2. Why thank you! Katherine was a very good model!
    Firstly i used Bobbi Brown eyeshadow base in Neutral. Then MAC eyeshadow in Wedge- which is a soft brown colour. On top of that I used Heartbreak eyeshadow in Torture- which is a sparkly black loose powder. Finally I used Urban Decay in Champagne in the corner of the eyes and under the brows as a highlighter as it's a pretty dark look! And of course lots of eyeliner and mascara :D
    Glad you like it
    Jess xxx

  3. Who says you can't do a dark smoky eye in the day! i think its even BETTER in the day! A bit too predictable for night time! You did a really good job :) xx