Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Life Drawing!

Over the last few days i have been doing life drawing as part of the art course that i am doing.
It has been a real eye opener for sure! It has been the first time that i have done anything like this before, and i really enjoyed it! The human body form is really amazing and there is so much to be learnt from studying it.I have been able to relate life drawing to fashion designing. I've found that it has helped me to understand the shapes and forms and styles of clothing that designers have to make for different shapes and sizes of bodies, that there is more to designing clothes. Not only does a designer have to create a beautiful garment but it has to fit like a glove on a body, therefore there is a great need to look at the structure of bodies - something like human architecture!

Today is my day off so i thought it was a good chance to update my blog and reflect on the last few days! After getting over the initial shock of drawing,painting etc... a naked lady, I found myself looking at an amazing form made up of all kinds of shapes,curves, lines that I had never seen before ( I can't say i study my body in such a way)

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